About The Magazine

In 2020, Dr Anatu Mahama founded The Academic Woman (TAW) – a quarterly print and digital magazine, the first of its kind, designed to champion and celebrate women’s achievements. We consistently publish engaging, informative and in-depth articles and interviews with high-profile academics in higher education (HE). Through the pages of the magazine, we aim to shine a spotlight on women at all levels within HE and hope to create a space where women are recognised for their contributions within their chosen fields. Through content that reflects what is happening in academia, we seek to advance and empower more women, in particular future generations of women and women from ethnic minorities whose voices in HE are often in need of amplification.

Mission and Values

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Our Mission

To focus on the strengths that women bring to the world of academia by championing their skills and their achievements, recognising and promoting their value. Our mission is also to underline the unique capabilities of women, with an emphasis on nurturing, well-being, support, mentoring and taking positive action for increased empowerment. Change has to happen, and we aim to be a significant driving force behind that change.

Our Purpose

To publish practical, positive, celebratory and thought-provoking content that is capable of inspiring, motivating, informing, entertaining and empowering women of all backgrounds and ages while also encouraging future generations of women to play a more proactive and influential role in HE in the 21st century.

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Our Values

Commercial Proposition

Commercial Strategy

Our commercial strategy is dedicated to enabling The Academic Woman to become a sustainable publication, not just in terms of its popularity and longevity but also its ‘green’ credentials. To achieve this, there are two essential elements to the commercial strategy – subscription and sponsorship. 

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Subscription Strategy

Our subscription strategy aims to encourage reader loyalty, not least by providing regular access to the very latest thinking from women in academia but also rewarding subscribers with special offers and content. By delivering trusted, independent editorial covering critical subjects while also sharing the success stories of inspirational women, we believe The Academic Woman serves as a vital tool in elevating the career goals of women, especially younger women and those from groups who traditionally do not have access to a platform or a mouthpiece by which their opinions and stories can be heard.

What we offer: Read by the academic community from ECRs to Vice Chancellors, The Academic Woman is fast becoming the leading magazine for women in academia. We believe in providing trusted, independent editorial covering critical stories and sharing our colleagues’ successes. From news and interviews to in-depth analysis from experts in their field and thought-provoking opinion pieces, The Academic Woman provides critical reading for the academic community.

Join us by taking up any of our subscription models to support us in building a community of like-minded women and for achieving a level of return on investment (ROI) that can keep TAW sustainable.

Sponsorship Strategy

Our sponsorship strategy is centred on partnering organisations that are keen to promote their brand and product to academic women while also becoming their allies.

What we offer: Provide direct exposure of your products and services to a market segment that is highly educated and has substantial economic resources, while associating your brands with a publication that has aspiration at its very core.  You will also be a part of the journey as we explore commercial partnerships and develop this vital stream of support. You will be profiled within the magazine and online in addition to being given regular advertising slots. 

Join forces with us to help women to realise their career ambitions and make the higher education sector an inviting option for aspirational young women considering their futures.

If you or your organisation are interested in opening a dialogue, please use this link to email our Editor in Chief, Dr Anatu Mahama or phone +44(0) 7469 933 956.

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About the Founder

Dr Anatu Mahama is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Academic Woman magazine. Her academic life has revolved around the publishing world and her first degree was a BA in Publishing Studies. She also has an MSc in Information & Knowledge Management and a Masters in Intellectual Property (MIP). Anatu was a lecturer for five years before embarking on her PhD journey in 2012 with two young children.

Studying for a PhD and raising two children was not without its challenges. Upon reflecting on the journey, she acknowledges just how hard women must work to be recognised and how quickly what is gained can be lost. That’s why she was compelled to create this publication to champion recognition and celebrate women by shining a torch on the important and powerful contributions they can make. 

“I believe the benefit of sharing our stories and experiences isn’t just to give us fulfilment as women but also to serve as powerful tools by which we can promote ourselves and give future generations of women the opportunity to be the very best that they can.”

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Headshot photo of Sanjay Ravindran, board advisor to the Academic Woman

About the Board Advisor

Sanjay Ravindran is a senior technology leader with extensive international and digital transformation experience (25+ years) gained implementing innovative solutions across multiple industries – content, media, financial services and embedded systems for video. He has a track record of combining in-depth technical knowledge with commercial acumen and leadership skills. Sanjay delivers real value by implementing strategic initiatives combining transformational change, establishing high performing teams, overhauling supplier relationships and providing technology consultancy to boards and senior leaders.

At the New Statesman Media Group, he recently oversaw the launch of a new purpose-built central publishing platform for the group which powered the replatform of the redesigned New Statesman website – now extended to most other Group sites. Sanjay has also overseen technical delivery at Beano Studios and Freesat and worked in various senior delivery roles at Channel 4, ITV, Sky and Virgin Money.