About The Magazine

The mission of The Academic Woman Magazine is to shine a spotlight on women in academia by championing recognition, well-being and positive action for more women empowerment.

The concept of The Academic Woman Magazine was conceived in 2018. The centenary celebrations of the suffragettes, coupled with the revelations of the gender pay gap in many institutions and businesses at the time, including higher education, led to the realisation that what women achieve can easily be lost.

As an academic, I felt it is important to recognise and celebrate the contributions women in academia are making and to acknowledge the positive impact they bring to their chosen fields.

As Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister for New Zealand, puts it, “I do think many women are much harsher on themselves and their abilities.” The Academic Woman Magazine offers a platform for readers and the amazing women in academia to champion each other and celebrate each other’s successes.

The numerous components of the distinctive logo tell the story of The Academic Woman and the values that underpin both the brand and the target audience.

Anatu Mahama, Editor-in-Chief